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Name:The Fever Called Living
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If you like seeing Sam suffer, you're in the right place! ohsam is a community for all of your Sam-centric hurt/comfort needs. Ranging from physical injuries to illnesses, pretty much anything goes here. And of course, you get bonus points for bringing Dean along, because really, what's the fun in a Sam without his awesome big brother?

We accept fic, icons/art/graphics, vids, recs (see our rec submission post) meta and pretty much whatever else you can come up with as long as it features (generally) a down-on-his-luck Sam.

Embrace your inner sadist - really, nothing is not allowed. Whether the causes be natural or supernatural, if Sam's sick or hurting, we welcome it with open arms. Emotional or psychological trauma, guilt, fear - bring it. Schmoop/fluff, angst, romance, horror - great! Deaged!Sam, possessed!Sam, broken!Sam - we want it all!

Gen, het, wincest and other slash are all welcome. However, we do ask that no RPF be posted here. Happy writing!

As this community is mainly intended to be a fanwork archive, please drop the mods a note before you advertise any outside communities, challenges, etc.

If you didn't find the answer to one of your questions at our faq post or haven't had a timely reply to a comment left therein, feel free to PM one of the maintainers: cowboyguy, madame_naan or quickreaver.

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