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Misery's Child

Supernatural, Stephen King

Prompt: Misery (erm...I doubt this was what the prompter originally had intended. Sorry :P)


Note: this is a WIP currently, but its about 70% written so I should be posting pretty regularly
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Title: The Collector
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lennelle
Summary: Sam was taken, his father tells him. Maybe that's why he doesn't feel quite right in his skin, like he's wearing a suit that doesn't quite fit. He's told that he's okay now.
Pretend it never happened. Just forget about it. Sam's already forgotten. He doesn't remember a thing.
Maybe it's time he remembered.
Author's Notes: The first chapter was written as a fill for the ohsam Triple Play 2016 (The prompt was 1) the back seat of the impala, 2) John, 3) coughing up blood), but I've decided to turn it into a multi-chapter fic.

On AO3
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Title: Nobody's Home 2/2
Author: mentholpixie
Word Count: 1700
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Summary: All he knows is that he has to get away. (Cursed/amnesiac!Sam)

Chapter One
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Title: Nobody's Home
Author: mentholpixie
Rating: Mature
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester
Word count: 1800ish
Summary: All he knows is that he has to get away. (Cursed/amnesiac!Sam)
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Author: Lennelle
Title: Swallow Me Whole
Summary: Sam turned Ruby away after Dean went to Hell and found something to help him sleep.
Word Count: 4,907
Author's Note: Prompt: Sam is an addict or alcoholic after Dean goes to Hell or Purgatory. Set season 4. Part of Sam-centric Reader's Prompts on FF.net. Very mild Sam/Ruby.
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Story: 1626, Eldridge Street
Authors: winchesterpooja , spn_bookworm
Artist: boykvngs
Beta reader: iamremy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing, references to mental illness, suicide attempt, panic attacks, a bit of sex which is non-graphic

"Going away for the holidays, Sam?"
"Yeah. My brother and I are taking a road trip to Kansas. We grew up in Lawrence."

What was supposed to be a light, fun reunion with some old family friends over the holidays turns into something worse for Sam and Dean when their past creeps up on them. Sam realises there are things tucked away in his mind that he doesn't want to remember. Unfortunately, when it comes to this particular train-wreck, there might not be a way out of it for either him or Dean.

This is Sam's journey through rediscovering himself, his family, and a little bit of love. Most importantly, this is Sam's journey through finding his Christmas miracle.

[Non-hunters AU with Art TA!Sam and pre-med!Dean]

Fic Masterpost: AO3

Art Masterpost: Tumblr|LJ
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Title: Who Are You?
Characters Sam & Dean – Others
Rating: PG13 – disturbing imagery - language

Any warnings: Future fic – possible spoilers for everything including season 11

Summary She doesn't know who he is and why he is here; his mind is obviously gone and he isn't making any sense. It's almost like he is two different people...he doesn't say much either just one word repeated over and over - Dean...

A/N - This was written for the Sammy Big Bang and then, due to the stresses of real life, I completely and utterly – for the first time ever – forgot to enter it!! Therefore I missed the boat and missed some awesome art – but it was written so here it is!!

Read More
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NOTE: Yes, this says Destiel but Sam's a main chararacter. Destiel is a part of the plot; the plot isn't ABOUT Destiel. This story is about Sam too, and SamnDean and their brotherly bond.

Title: And He Wished Upon a Star
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] spn_bookworm, [livejournal.com profile] winchesterpooja
Artist: venuscas

Fandom/Genre: SPN/ Dystopian!AU, TFW fic, Destiel, brothertouching

Pairing (s): Dean/Castiel, references to Dean/Jo, Sam/Jess, Sam/Sarah, Sam/Madison.

Rating: NC – 17

Word Count: ~82k

Warnings: suicide, character deaths (including major character death), sex, torture, non-sexual slavery, severe PTSD, panic attacks, nudity, violence

Summary: In an ugly world ruled by demons where humans are enslaved and hunted and killed, Dean must find his way through blood, loss and power. In this journey he realises that whether eternal or ephemeral, beauty can be found anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it's in the laughter of his brother and sometimes in the warmth of his father's eyes. Other times, Dean remembers his mother, and how she always told him that all his wishes could come true one day, if he just thought of it hard enough.

Eventually when everything starts to crumble beneath his feet Dean is forced into a desperate fight to keep his family together. And in this journey he finds another thing that he never expected to: love in the arms of an angel.

AO3 link

AHWUaS cover.png

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Title: The Ice Age
Author: [livejournal.com profile] balder12
Rating:  PG-13
Genre:  Gen Sam & Cas
Spoilers: Through 9.09
Warnings: None
Word Count:  3,800
Summary: Sam doesn't know what the man in the trench coat wants. All he knows is the man is very insistent, and the ice is getting closer.
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Fic Title: Cuckoo’s Egg
Author: [livejournal.com profile] septembers_coda
Genre: Gen, angst, fantasy, hurt/comfort
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some Discovery Channel-style gore, trippy concepts
Spoilers: For Season 9, eps 1-2, and earlier seasons
Word Count: 6,500
Summary: Sam wakes in a very strange place where reality is unraveling, and meets a being who gives him something he never knew he desperately needed. He questions whether his current bizarre existence might be the real one—if perhaps his previous life with Dean was the dream.

The title is borrowed from a C.J. Cherryh novel.

Cuckoo’s Egg
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Title: Toward the Lie
Author: [livejournal.com profile] septembers_coda
Genre: Gen, angst, hurt/comfort, flashback, metafic
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,700
Warnings: None
Summary: What will Sam remember of his life, when memory dissolves in the line between life and death? And what does he really know about what Dean will do to bring him back? Takes place within the timeline of episode 9.01.

Toward the Lie
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Title: Lustra, Episode 905: "Time is Gonna Come"
Author: agelade
Rating: M (for canon-typical violence and stronger than canon language)
Genre/pairing: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Kevin, Crowley
Word count: 32k words, in five chapters (complete)
Summary: With Sam back in action, the boys take on a hunt: there's a girl, there's a bad guy, and of course there's some danger. But can Dean keep his head in the game when all he can think about is Abaddon's phone call?  Lustra is a season nine AU in which one detail from the finale of season eight has been changed.
Spoilers: Everything up to the end of season eight
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, strong language
Disclaimer:  I don't own anything.
A/N:  LustraVerse is a constellation of stories that are canon to each other.  This is episode 905 in a virtual season nine set in LustraVerse, the first of twenty two planned episodes.

Episode 905: "Time is Gonna Come"
Full Episode Guide
Available with the rest of the canon at lustraverse.
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Title: Who Says Brother
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] agelade
Characters: Sam, Dean, Kevin
Rated: PG (for language)
Word Count: 4,000
Timing: Season nine (spoilers up through the basic big plot stuff of season nine)
Genre/Tags: Gen, Drama, Family, Quicktime fic, One-shot, Angel Sam, Big Brother Dean, Prompt fill, Self-rescuing damsel, Smarty-pants hunters

After a series of hunts gone wrong, inexplicably made right again, Sam starts to come to some conclusions. An alternate resolution to Sam's little problem. Season Nine quicktime fic.

watch for the one who says brother
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Title: Saving Sam
Author: [livejournal.com profile] brightly_lit
Rating: PG, nothing they can't show on t.v.
Genre: gen, hurt!Dean, h/c, meta
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Dr. Hydeker, Karla, Tessa
Word Count: ~2,200
Summary: Dean wakes up in the hospital. He's told he was in a coma, his mother and father are still alive ... and that he is Sam, an only child. There never was a Dean.

Read it here.
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Title: The Dumb Oxen of Lawrence
Author: San Antonio Rose ([livejournal.com profile] ramblin_rosie)
Characters: Sam, Dean, Manannan mac Lir/O'Donoghue
Pairing: Gen (though there is about half a page of Sam/OFC and Dean/OFC at the very end)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~6,700
Warnings: This story is very much in the vein of darker fairy tales--temporary slavery, amnesiac humans used as draft animals while under enchantment, non-graphic/non-sexual physical abuse (absolutely no sexual contact occurs), non-explicit/non-sexual nudity, humiliation, good ol' Winchester self-loathing--BUT I promise it has a happy ending, and the entire dark part has a purpose that is revealed in the eucatastrophe.
Notes: AU from the end of Season 7. Inspired by Sir Orfeo, "Leaf by Niggle," and just about every non-Disney fairy tale I've ever read. The beginning is actually an idea I very nearly tried to pitch to Jeremy Carver for the Season 8 premiere... and I sort of wish I had, although this tale took a left turn at Phoenix as I was writing it.

Summary: Out of leads and out of hope, Sam turns to the one being in the world he thinks stands a chance of being able to find and help him rescue Dean and Cas: the king of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. But mixing Winchesters and Sidhe could be perilous even at the best of times. With Sam's sanity still being questionable and Dean still raw from Purgatory, can either brother find "happily ever after" in his vocabulary?

( I don't care what you do to me.... )
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Title: Fade
Author: Center of the Galaxy
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby (flashback), Jessica (flashback)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,731
Warnings: Minor language
Summary: "He wakes up in a field with no memory of how he got there or who he is. The only thing he has with him is a folded piece of paper with two words on it: find Dean."

Author's Note: Finally starting on my bingo card! One square down, a lot more to go.

Read on Fanfiction.net
Read on Livejournal
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Title: Three Faces of Sam
Author: [livejournal.com profile] brightly_lit
Fandoms: Supernatural, House
Rating: PG -- no language, but Sam's memories of hell, and House's interpretation of them, range into dark territory
Genre: gen, outsider POV (House's POV of the Winchesters), h/c, House casefic, meta
Characters: House, soulless!Sam, hallucinating!Sam, amnesia!Sam, Dean, Cameron, Foreman, Chase
Word Count: ~9,500
Spoilers: None for House, up through part of 7.01 for Supernatural
Warnings: No on-page violence or torture, but mentions of torture and any/all kinds of abuse
Summary: Sam wakes up with amnesia after Cas takes down his mental wall, so he goes to a local hospital clinic for help where he gets treated by Dr. Gregory House, who gives him a new dianosis: multiple personality disorder.

"Damnit, if he’d killed another patient ... he always knew one day someone would drop dead just from what came out of his mouth."

Read it here!
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] cocoplumb
Rating: PG-13
Genre: SPN. hurt/comfort. AU.
Word Count: 4500+
Summary: It wasn’t Dean Winchester’s destiny to end up owning a tiny barbers shop on the outskirts of a tiny town in Minnesota.
Warnings/Notes: Another story by me involving haircutting. I have a serious problem, I know. The boys aren’t biologically related, Dean used to be a hunter, now he’s a barber with complete amnesia and a bad shoulder. Sam is a –sometimes- abused foster kid and Dean’s new customer who keeps on coming back for some reason. ALSO- completely un-beta'd. I'll fix it tomorrow, I promise.
(It wasn’t Dean Winchester’s destiny to end up owning a tiny barbers shop...)
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Title: Clean Slate — Chapter Eight
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,518
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Dean, Bobby.
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Summary: Death: 'Nasty, those memories. You don't want to know what they'll do to him.'
After an accident, Sam's memories of the last two years are wiped. What
starts out as a blessing soon turns into a curse as Sam's memories are
Set S7 Episode 06 - Story picks up at the end of Slash Fiction and becomes AU.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: Up to Season Seven: Episode 6
Thanks go to SnarkyMuch2 for beta’ing this fic.

Chapter Eight


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