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Rating: Gen
Character: Sam Winchester
Prompt: Heart Attack

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Jan. 14th, 2013 08:48 am
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Authors [livejournal.com profile] shangrilada  [livejournal.com profile] familybizness
Rating: R
Warnings: rape, alcoholism, physical abuse, drug use, gratuitous and likely often incorrect medical information, torture, foul language, excessive hilarity
Authors' Note: CurtainFic

The thing about Hell is that nobody tells you what happens after (until the Winchesters, no one knew there was an after).

After Dean grabs his little brother--broken lungs, broken mind, broken soul and all--from the Cage, they're unceremoniously forced into retirement. This is great for Sam, who somehow, to Dean's amazement, manages to find really innocent, genuine pleasure in waffles, cooking show marathons, and curling up with his nebulizer at the end of the day, but metaphorical (everything is metaphorical now) hell for Dean. Without hunting, he's tense, miserable, and drinking himself into blackouts or rages, both of which have him waking up with the itching, biting feeling that he's doing Sam more harm than good.

Sam's struggling to breathe through nightmare after nightmare until Dean finds him Christa, a therapist who's damn good at what she does, and what she does expands from helping Sam to helping Sam while comforting Dean, and then to helping Sam while comforting Dean and then removing Dean's clothes. So Sam's pretty content, seeing two of his favorite people (God, he loves Christa and God God God he loves when Dean smiles) all over each other, and that's not exactly hindered by Christa's daughter who gives him his meds and he swears sees down to his damn (maybe not so broken) soul, and then there's that angel in the trench coat who holds him at night and lets him cry in Enochian and gives Sam soft kisses down his jawline.

Everything's so much better than it should be, and then one day Sam wakes up and his heart doesn't work.

The thing about Hell is that nobody tells you what happens after.

There are things it can do to a body.

Things it can shut down.

This is a story about when hearts don't fail (and when they fucking do).

HeartVerse is a joint endeavor by  [livejournal.com profile] shangrilada  and  [livejournal.com profile] familybizness  and you can view the masterlist here.
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Title: Twenty-eight, Twenty-nine, Thirty.
Author: Rainylemons
Rating: PG-13 for Language.
Genre and/or Pairing: gen
Spoilers: Oh, nothing much.
Word Count: 1,662
Disclaimer: There’s a dearth of hugging and kittens on the show. This tells you I have no claim to it.
Summary: Dean and Sam hunt something in the night while Sam does his best to keep breathing. This started as a prompt from the seriously cool [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth  horror themed comment fic meme, but went about nowhere. Then [livejournal.com profile] wave_obscura  long, long ago on her birthday requested: “Bad hearts” and since I had this start, I promised to do something with it for her. So, here you go, my friend, one seriously belated birthday gift.
Author’s Note: (Highlight to read.)CPR does not work this miraculously, particularly not with what I’ve done here. But, what the crap, it’s Show and Winchesters. If it really snags you, just treat it as a season five fic and assume Sam was resurrected. Also, yes, I was in fact thinking of “Cabal” (or “Nightbreed” if you prefer the movie version) as I drafted my imaginary monster.
A/N 2: Editing. There be none.

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