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Title: Control
Author: Threadofgrace
Rating: Explicit
Genre/pairing: Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC, Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Amelia
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Lucifer, Amelia Richardson, Original Female Character, Original Male Character
Word count: 2997
Summary: After Sam gets his soul back, it takes him 1 year, 3 months and 29 days before he has sex again.
Spoilers: Through the beginning of Season 8
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Post Hell Issues, Blood Play
Disclaimer: Obviously and sadly, no part of this universe belongs to me!

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Title: (Don't) Save Me
Pairing: Lucifer (Vince Vincente)/Sam
Author: [ profile] toratio
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 4,000
Summary: Sam Winchester and Vince Vincente - two men violated by the Devil
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural
Warning: graphic non-con, angst, language, season 12 spoilers (up until 12x06)

"You know what they say, Sam … you should never meet your heroes."

Sam comes face-to-face with Lucifer, wearing Vince Vincente. This is the fallout.

At my journal

Fic: Plush

Nov. 20th, 2016 08:35 pm
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Title: Plush
Pairing: non-con (proxy) Lucifer/Sam, Sam/Jess, Sam/Amelia
Author: [ profile] toratio
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 1,500
Summary: Sam has had some soft toys over the years.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural
Warning: Cage violence (physical/sexual/psychological), fucked-up physical/sexual violence with an inanimate object, very slight season 12 spoilers, not a coda to the SPN ep 'Plush'

So, uh, this is kind of messed up. Pay attention to the warnings.

fic at my journal
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Title: Things We Couldn't Change
Author: mentholpixie
Word Count: 1300
Characters: Sam, Dean
Summary: Sam is angry (and kind of traumatized). Dean is worried (and concussed). Neither of them knows what to do now. Sequel to Anywhere Else But Here.
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Title: Anywhere Else But Here
Author: mentholpixie
Rating: Mature
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Word count: 2200ish
Summary: Dean loses a game of pool against the wrong guy.
Warnings: Sexual assault of a minor.
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Title: After the Fall [part 3 of 3]
Author: wingstocarryon
Rating: M
Characters: Sam Winchester, Lucifer
Relationships: As much non-consensual Sam/Lucifer as is implied in the show
Word count: 2520 (total)
Summary: Excerpts from Sam's first time in the Cage.
Warnings: Warning for rape/sexual assault. Warning for arguably suicidal type themes.
Notes: This is the final part. Thanks for reading!
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Title: Reunion
Author: yami_faerie
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst, drama
Characters: Sam, Lucifer
Word count: 1,230-ish
Summary: "You know," Lucifer says conversationally, "it's been awhile since we last talked. We need to catch up. What I'd really like to know is what has been done to you that makes you so lucid, so sane, so... Sammy." Speculation-fic as to what happened after 11.09's "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" ended.
Spoilers: 11.09 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Author's note: It's been ages since I last wrote any fanfic, but the last episode of SPN got my creative juices flowing again! I hope you enjoy :)
Disclaimer: They are Kripke's. Not mine.

On my LJ here.
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Title: A Monster By Any Other Name: Part Two - Chapter Thirty-Two
Authors: [ profile] lavinialavender and [ profile] brosedshield
Rating: R
Warnings: please see full list here
Spoilers: none; AU
Pairing: eventual Sam/Dean (yet not incest; AU where they’re not brothers)
Chapter word count: 9,179
Summary: The same old Sam/Dean love story, with a darkfic twist. Sam grew up in a concentration camp for monsters and Dean was raised as an only child and hunter: Together, they make each other human. // Sam was prepared for anything Dean wanted him to do – except become a real.


Part Two: Chapter Thirty-Two
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Title: Marks Made
Author: [ profile] themegalosaurus
Genre: Angst, Het
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dr Cara; Sam, Cara Roberts, Dean Winchester (peripheral)
Rating: E
Word Count: 4000+
Warnings: Reference to past sexual trauma; anxiety/panic attacks; heavy angst.
Summary: 'If you'd asked her yesterday, what was his name, she'd have told you she'd forgotten: told you, maybe, that she never knew it at all. That guy? she'd have said. The sex-in-my-office guy? Yeah. It wasn't really a "names" situation.' // Sam reconnects with Dr Cara, some years later. He's changed.

AO3 // LJ
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Title: body of proof
Author: [ profile] steeplechasers
Rating: R
Genre/pairing: Hurt/Comfort; n/a
Characters: Sam, Dean; Ruby, Lindsey, Dr Kadinsky, Amelia Richardson; original minor characters; mentions of Lucifer and Gadreel.
Word count: ~7300
Summary: There are things Sam hasn't told his brother. They're all in the envelope laid on Dean's pillow.
Warnings: discussion/description of past canonical (and non-canonical) rape and sexual assault. Emotional abuse. Slurs.
Disclaimer: Though I love them like my own, they are sadly not mine.
Read: LJ / AO3
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[OOC: omg how have I never discovered this before. :0 A community entirely dedicated to a hurt Sammy? Like, I am there. *is a bad, bad person*
I have a couple more hurt/comforted!Sam fics to share, but this is the most recent one. I also hope to have a new one written pretty soon.]

Like a Coal to the Hearth (8257 words) by Celesma
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Relationships: Castiel/Sam Winchester, Lucifer/Sam Winchester
Additional Tags: Body Horror, Graphic Torture, Sexual Assault, Trueform!angels

Summary under the cut )
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AUTHOR’S NOTES: A horrible but also much more positive sequel to The Long Calendar. PLEASE HEED THE WARNINGS BELOW. this one ended up much longer than expected, haha. It’s also more detailed and less experimentally short-winded. Definitely got a different sort of style than The Long Calendar, but I think it works better for the topics inside. IDK. ENJOY???

Warnings: This story has mental illness, trauma, a much less interpretive subject of rape/non-con, self-deprecation, animal death, self-inflicted injuries. I will add more if I can remember other ones, but that should be the bulk of it.

SUMMARY: Sam is back from two thousand years in the Cage, in a bad mental state with no real conection to normalcy anymore, and Dean tries to help him cope.

Sam nods. "Sam sounds like a sharp name. Sounds like you could bleed out on it. You said it was mine?"

"... Yeah. It's yours."

Sam hums, looking down at the bandages, at Dean and then his battered fingertips, individually wrapped and cared for. "Sounds like a bad word."

Sam never forgot Dean's name. It's the one thing that never seemed to change.

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Title: Waiting for Rain
Author: elwarre
Rating: R
Genre/pairing: Sam/Dean; angst, hurt/comfort; AU
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Jessica Moore, Bobby Singer, Ash, Gabriel (human), Crowley (human)
Word count: ~31,000
Summary: Sam leaves home at sixteen to escape two things: a growing attraction to his older brother, and an angry and abusive father who blames him for his mother's death. With nothing to his name save his experience hunting and his determination to escape it, he turns to prostitution to support himself through high school and then college.
Warnings: language, child abuse, homophobia, underage prostitution, violence, rape/non-con/dub-con, and wincestuous sexy times
Disclaimer: not my characters and all that

Read More Here
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Summary: Sam did look for Dean, but then something horrible happened to him that made him stop. After Dean came back he kept it a secret. But that secret is about to be discovered and a whole box of hurt that Sam thought he had buried has come back with a vengeance. Originally I was going to write one long one shot but decided to make it a multichapter. *Warning, SUICIDE, RAPE

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural; it all belongs to the CW and Eric Kripke
Warning: Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt, self-harm, and non-con/rape

Sorry, first time I've put anything on a community, so if it's messed up please just bear with me.
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Dec. 10th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Title: Gnosis
Author: dragonflybeach
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Bobby
Genre/pairing: gen
Rating: R
Word-count: @ 4225
Spoilers: none (pre-series)
Warnings: hahahaha. Remember when I was upset last week and said to beware of angsty fanfic?
demonic possession, attempted rape, references to prostitution that may or may not have happened, violence, strangulation, guns, much angst, slash sort of

Written for the Nov 2013 Sam-focused hurt/comfort ohsam fic challenge.
prompt was Young! or teen!Sam + possession. Because there's no way it didn't happen till BUABS.

Summary - You really shouldn't let your partner out of your sight on a demon hunt. Not even for a moment. No matter how much he annoys you.

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Author: cherry916
Rating: R
Wordcount: ~6,000
Warnings: mentioned non-con, and graphic torture
Author's Notes: This was written for spn_summergen challenge. The fic is for annie46. Basically, this is my attempt at making the reason Sam didn’t look for Dean more believable, and utilizing Amelia in a much better way than the show did. I hope this suffices for your prompt hun, I really wanted to make Amelia likeable. I played around with canon a lot, but tried to keep things as close as possible without making it too ‘au’. In this story, Amelia and Sam do not share a sexual relationship, it is purely platonic. I hope I succeeded at the very least, please enjoy!
Summary: Sam finds himself broken and alone, with no hope for things to ever get better, until she comes along and starts to become his only constant. Through her gentle, yet firm care Sam makes it out alive, however, sometimes wounds are so deep it’s unfortunately too easy to trigger the memories that go with them.

Demons Lie

Aug. 12th, 2013 02:58 am
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Genre: Hurt/comfort, Very Dark
Pairing: Sam/Demon, Sam/Jess.
Rating: Mature; NC-17 to be safe.
Word Count: 10,000+

Warnings: NON-CON. Very traumatic situations that includes verbal child abuse, graphic mentions of underage and adult rape, as well as a POV from the demon at times -- generally this is gonna be a very dark and very uncomfortableread, so please be warned of that. There's also some consensual sex; basically, there's a lot of sex, period. Basically it follows a lot of Sam's sexual encounters, but not a lot of the good ones, and how it impacted his self-worth and how he views himself. The ending is pretty soft and bittersweet, but there's a lot of bad shit to slosh through to meet that better ending. Stay tuned for it.

Prompt: Inspired by this prompt. Dean never questioned where Sam had gotten this idea that he was impure; he figured it was just the demon blood in his veins, clouding his big dumb head with thoughts. Sammy always did think too much.

Sam curls up on his side weakly and holds his face in his hands for a long, long time.
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Title: What It Takes
Author: CrimzonChyld
Rating: R
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Wincester
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summery:  What does it take to break you.  What does it take to save you?  Set in Season 2.  Rape/non-con, hurt/comfort, Hurt!Sam, Protective!Dean
Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I affiliated with Supernatural, WB, CW, Kripke Enterprises, actors, or other affiliates there of. No profit is being made from this.
Authors Note: So, Sam's having issues and Dean's trying not to push. Who's gonna break down and talk first?
Anyway, I'm gonna point out here that Sam, naturally, isn't "over" what's happened to him. In some ways, he'll never be completely "over" what happened. Anything physical that happens between Dean and him is because of Sam's complete and total trust in Dean. I'm not saying they're gonna jump in the sack and start goin' at it like rabbits or anything. Just, they might go a little further, physically, sooner than would be expected.
Just not in this chapter.

Trust Issues
Is this your first time?  Why not try the Master List?
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Title: What It Takes
Author: CrimzonChyld
Rating: R
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Wincester
Pairing: Sam/Dean WINCEST
Summery: What does it take to break you. What does it take to save you? Set in Season 2. Rape/non-con, hurt/comfort, Hurt!Sam, Protective!Dean
Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I affiliated with Supernatural, WB, CW, Kripke Enterprises, actors, or other affiliates there of. No profit is being made from this.
Authors Note: . . . you guys are gonna be soooooo maaaaaad at me . . . . Look, Dean still behaving like a dumb ass for the first have of this. I have no control over that. But you guys . . . soooooooooooooooomad.

Chapter 30
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