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Pairing: N/A
Rating: Mature
Notes/Warnings: This is a combo prompt filler! One was that while Sam was knocked out, he’d be taken by someone/something in 9x23. The other was his hair getting forcefully cut. I've also went ahead and added the second entry to this mini-verse to this as well, so you're getting both prompts in one package here. It seemed to flow well enough that way! Please Enjoy, but keep in mind the warnings for the following: kidnapping, violence/gore, death, child trauma, traumatic situations, mature themes like forced fighting.
Summary: "Send out the next bloodbath!"

Originally published on tumblr!

"This is where it starts — the brightly lit ring, the screams, the glinting of knives, the baring of teeth. This, right here, is where it begins. Sam turns to Dean, Metatron just a hero’s walk away, and Dean slams his fist into the side of Sam’s face. It will bruise, but that’s not the point. Sam will not face Metatron’s blade and wrath, but that is not the point. The point is, Dean puts Sam’s hands on his chest, the action sickly sweet like perfume left on a tacky, bloated corpse — and then he walks away. He leaves Sam, dreaming black dreams on the ground, just outside of the impala. Baby does not protect him when one of Abaddon’s followers finds him. Baby does not scream for help or look for Dean when the demons drag Sam’s unconscious body away.

When Dean leaves Metatron’s burnt-out husk, his bones screaming ecstasy from the kill, he finds Sam gone."



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